Transcendent Psychology

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the recommended fees for Psychologists?

The Australian Psychological Society (APS) recommended fee is $267 for a 46 - 60 minute session. This takes into account the training and ongoing costs associated with being a psychologist. Jackie has set a standard fee much below this to make therapy sessions accessible. Fees are not negotiable.

Do I need a referral?‚Äč

No referral is required for individual or couples therapy sessions. If you are participating in therapy under a program such as Medicare, NDIS, TAC or an EAP program a referral is required prior to the first session from the doctor or relevant program coordinator depending on the requirements of these programs.

How do I pay with telehealth?

An invoice is emailed to you with bank transfer details and should be paid on the day. Payments greater than 7 days old attract a late payment fee.

Can I get a Medicare Rebate?

Medicare rebates are available provided you meet the Medicare requirements such as a specific mental health concerns. You also need a valid referral from your doctor prior to the first session. A rebate of $129.55 is paid to the account you have connected with Medicare after you have paid the session fee of $180.  Medicare rebates are not available for couples therapy.

Do you bulk bill?

This is not a bulk billing service. There are a number of other providers who offer bulk billing and you are encouraged to seek these out if this is a requirement for you.  Primary Health Networks also offer free mental health support for eligible persons with barriers to treatment such as low income.